PreScript Pharmaceuticals Inc. is a privately held corporation founded in 1992.  William J. Hartig, president, is a pharmacist and graduate of Drake University School of Pharmacy.  Mr. Hartig has been involved in all aspects of the repackaging industry since 1984 and has
remained president of PreScript since he founded the company in 1992.
PreSCRIPT's marketing strategy has focused on Hospital, Acute Care, Occupational Health, Surgical and College Health Clinics, as well as other industry markets which may benefit from Prescript's patented dispensing system.

    PreSCRIPT has gained widespread acceptance due to significantly lower prescription costs and added patient convenience. Prepackaging unit of use containers with your specific precautionary statements, directions, bar codes.

    PreSCRIPT's continued success has been attributable not just to its unique labeling and record keeping system, but to the high value it places on customer satisfaction.  PreScript's consistent pricing policies allow customers, whether large or small, to offer this service to their patients at competitive prices.  PreSCRIPT offers both brand name and generic medications and uses the highest quality generic products,  ("A" rated generic products, where the FDA has rated a particular product), and will always allow our customers the final say in what products are selected for their particular medication needs.  We believe that it is very important that our customers understand that PreSCRIPT is founded on the principal of meeting the needs of our customers by meeting the needs of his or her patients in a changing medical environment.  Prescript will always provide the highest level of professionalism and quality of service and will always respect the fact  that our customers have placed a tremendous amount of trust in our ability to do just that.  That is why Prescript has implemented such
extensive procedures in all packaging and labeling operations and frankly, we wouldn't expect our customers to settle for anything less.

    It is not Prescript's goal to be the largest repackager in the industry, just the best.  Our growth depends entirely on our satisfied customers who appreciate the value of doing business with the best re-packager in the industry.  We sincerely appreciate your consideration of Prescript and look forward to the opportunity to meet your dispensing needs.

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